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I was talking to the Writer of the Runescape Novels today, where it was brought to my attention that Jagex hasn't given permission to write a fourth book. I read the Runescape Books and I loved them, each book made my enthusiasm to play grow a little more. The books helped to broaden the horizon on Runescape, to add those little tiny details to the areas of the game that Jagex didn't have the chance to add in, and even adds unique storylines for Heroes and Anti-Heroes. The Books are amazingly written and at the end of the Third book I found myself looking at the game with a new understanding. The Third book left off at a place that was only just the beginning, and with that more books should be written. There's much greater stories that could spawn from the three.

Please consider allowing There to be a Fourth Runescape Book.

24-Dec-2012 18:28:05

Joakim Smith
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I'm not sure whether everything you have said in your post is true, but I too have read the three novels. I had been made aware of this apparent lack of continuation, and I too extend my support to a fourth.

Some time off from them might actually help, allowing Church to hone his writing skill (his first non-RuneScape published novel has recently come out on Kindle - Prince Armatus and the Dragon - and it seems it is a 'prelude' to a series...), and perhaps potentially allowing the books to better stay up to date - As updates may come in the future, like graphical updates to areas in Kandarin.

Thus, perhaps a couple or few years off might have some benefit... but to have them *never* continued...

Edit: Oh, yes, and I didn't mention - I don't believe this thread should be in the Stories forum.
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As a long time on-off Runescaper, these novels really blew me away. I was extremely irritated to find out earlier that they were being discontinued.

With that, I'll be going on an off streak and stop playing Runescape for a while. I'll try to convince some of my friends IRL to do so as well.

As the owner of a clan, this was a difficult choice for me, but it came down to the fact that the books meant more to me than the game, having played so long and seeing almost everything there is to see. The books offered me an extension of the game in a world I was very familiar with, while growing my respect for the game.

I hope this sees some attention.

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I also loved the first 3 books and I was looking for information about the 4th book and it seems I've found it.
If what you say is true, then it is really sad. I really want to know what they're doing to Ga'rth in Ardougne and what our heroes are going to do in Kandarin.

27-Feb-2014 14:04:59

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Is there any recent news about the Fourth book? I just finished the third book and learned the group is going to Kandarin. Did Jagex gave him permission for the fourth book? I want to know the rest of the story... I hope he'll get permission.

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