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Azi Demonica

Azi Demonica

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I reached Vancouver recently. The airport has free WiFi, so I can use my Chromebook. Too bad I left the battery charger in the baggage XD I was going to start work in Omega and Ashlands, but I can't really concentrate with so much noise, stiff legs, sore butt, and limited battery life. Nevertheless, I will post in the weekend, I hope! Just in case the plane crashes and I die tonight, thanks everyone for all the memories and our time together, through thick and thin, and have a good life!

19-Jan-2019 02:33:43

Azi Demonica

Azi Demonica

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I seem to have caught a cold. I might not be able to post in Omega tonight, headache hurts too much. Nevertheless, after supper, I will try.

Anyways, I forgot to ask, but does anyone know about a game like this:
My friend Elizabeth intro'd me to a game on the GameCube. It was very anime-like, and quite stereotypical. You play as this guy, Lloyd, who has two swords, and was adopted by a dwarf. There's this anachronistic place called ranch, has a mix of soldiers with whips and crossbows and robots with guns.

After playing five hours, sometimes with Elizabeth in multiplayer battles against NPCs, we called it quits. Afterwards, she explained the storyline later on, and it got much better, with more twists and turns that I can't remember. Overall, the story isn't impressive but cleverly formed to be beautiful and elegant in its own way, which I liked thinking about.

I recall one character named Kratos, and after playing for five hours, the voice actor's voice sounded familiar. I think the voice actor was Troy Baker, because he sounded almost exactly like Booker DeWitt from Bioshock.

Does anyone happen to know what this game's called? Although I ran out of ideas, I think I could make a new kind of RP, inspired by this game an Orphen, to create a story-driven RP that focuses on characters' backstories intertwining with a main storyline (Annie did ask if Oprhen was a new RP, so I changed my mind, it may become something of a new RP!). This might be able to resurrect this forum! But, I first need to figure out what the previous game's called so that I can do additional research. I think it was Sylvestria or something like that, but that clearly isn't showing up in Google.

20-Jan-2019 21:25:54

Azi Demonica

Azi Demonica

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Inferi said:
Tales of Symphonia.
Ah yes, that's what it was. Cute game. The title isn't very creative, but I clearly couldn't remember it, even though it's a minimally adjusted version of symphony. Shows my intellect.

Anyways, I think I have an idea of how a RP could work properly. I was thinking of something like this:

Two storylines, a main one, plus a customizable one for anyone who wishes to deviate. I, the GM, roleplay as a master sorcerer, and other users can either be students of mine or individuals who tag along somehow shortly after the intro. The story will be fantasy, but start rather light and easy.

The RP begins in two separate locales, of which the master (me) and his pupils get together, such as in a sorcery guild or whatever, an end up in a town to sail to someplace. Non-student users will also intro in this area, which will be a coastal city or whatever, as we all happen to be boarding the same boat to sail somewheres.

The sailing will go horribly wrong, but a great adventure awaits, of which we enter an environment with gradually introduced characters with their own motives and backstories. I will attempt to merge all users' backstories with the RPing and its main storyline, offering twists and turns here and there.

Rather than create a big world immediately, we'll gradually explore fragments of it, learning new things, uncovering history, and discovering a greater mystery.

I am open to suggestions and all. I don't want to appear that I'm giving up just yet, so I think I'll try one more time. Of course, I am open to continuing all previous RPs, too, I won't give up on them, either.

21-Jan-2019 01:18:06

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