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I saw the money pouch, just lying on the edge of the road. I couldn't believe no one else saw it.
I closed in to grab it, but the pouch was gone in an instant. Someone grabbed it before me.
"What? How?" Then I saw him. He was wearing a camoflauge or disguise. If I had been 10 paces back, I would have never saw him.
He game out a small laugh as we disappeared into the bushes near the road.
From the distance, I heard a man coming "Guards! Guards! Stop! Thief!"
The guards were on my instantly. I was arrested.

they took me to jail, and after a quick search, found the man's empty money pouch on me.
He pressed charges. Though no one could explain how the pouch got on me or how the money disappeared.

I sat in the jay all day and into the night.
I heard the sound of something jingling, but saw no one outside.
A closer inspection of my cell door had the key inserted into the lock.
I turned the key, the door opened.
I saw something in the corner of my eye rush by and out the front door.

The guards were asleep.
I decided to take my chances and rushed outside.

I was barely 20 paces outside the jail when I heard someone shout an alarm. People stirred.
I ran even faster.
I needed to find this thief who set me up.
Are you questioning my insanity or my incompetence?
Some seek refuge in audacity. I seek refuge in absurdity.

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