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Puppy Fren

Puppy Fren

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Dong U Dead said:
New word:


Make me Scream

Scary ghosts

not to boast
I make the best homemade costumes

oh the candy

tooth aches

but i do not regret the indulgence

dog hair
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all the best
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Aslon Dak of Gielinor has so much talent
The notorious Asparagus was his theme
Long and green with a head of delicacy
Cooked till tender with a slight bite
Served as a side dish or in a slice of bead
He chose to write right here in the chat lounge
Forgetting all about this lonesome thread
Maybe because dog hair and asparagus don't mix
Only Aslon Dak of Gielinor will know why he left
Such a tread to wither and die for another to take his place.

The Cookie Jar

10-Jun-2018 10:40:57

Aslon Dak

Aslon Dak

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Thank you, I just read this. I am honored! :D

When you wish upon a star
You might receive a xookie jar
Inside you'll find something sweet
Homemade treats that can't be beat
The tastiest cookies by far!


29-Jul-2018 22:58:25

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