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Slain Curse
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Slain Curse

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Hey there Forum Gamers! I may be (relatively) new to many of the new faces around here, but I've been in these forums, lurking for a long time, seeing my threads become eaten up by the page 51 monster. :( He's a friendly monster, but he has quite the appetite sadly. I use to be an avid forum games member back in 2010-2011, and semi active around 2012. Then, for most of 2013-2016, I just completely went MIA from everything Runescape related. Buuut, I'm somewhat back, in a rather casual way, and I tend to keep it that way. ;) This mainly has to do with my university years, so I cannot become 'hardcore' like I use to. Nonetheless, I'll try to keep things fresh and avoid having my threads being a graveyard.

Without further adieu, this game is pretty straightforward. You'll be given an object (whatever the poster above you feels like posting), and you are to think of the most obscure, weird, or flat out crazy way to use the object. Use your imagination, the possibilities are limitless!

For Example:
Zamorak: I'll use this null object to make pie. I'll leave a Godsword behind for the latest dimwit, mwuhaha."

Gunthorian: "I, Gunthorian, shall use this godsword, that yields brimming power, to slice a cake! I'll leave a wand behind for the next adventurer!

As with any forum games, here are some rules:

1.) Do NOT post anything inappropriate. Keep those in your minds ;)
2.) Try your best to avoid a wall of text. If your post is to be long, keep it interactive with the use of the posting tools!
3.) Jagex/Forums Rules Apply.
4.) Please post an object afterwords.
5.) If there is no object in the above post, treat it as a null object. It holds tremendous amounts of power incomprehensible to mankind.

Other than that, Have fun!

I'll just leave behind this bronze helmet...
Slain Curse: The Wanderer

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My secret device.


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