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1. What they need to do is half the wilderness and put everything that is in the wilderness in that half. Make it more compact, harder to avoid Pkers.

2. Maybe over the top of the new wilderness have agility type apparatus, that's shortish, so you can't stay up there for too long, but there are lots of them throughout the new wilderness. People can run from a pker up this new agility apparatus, but the thing is if the Pker has good agility they can chase you up and along the apparatus and knock you off, jump down and fight you. If you get knocked down, you can lose health points, possibly even die if your health points are low. you are both able to jump down from the agility apparatus.

3. With the new land, it's an unruly land, vast, naked, no resources or very little - have new outlaw type villages grow, they fight each other - it's unruly - maybe clans can join a certain village where we can have the clan or/& individuals helping villages fight another village, even take over the village and fight the next village until there is only one village left the victory of owning all the land - then it's reset for a new victory - I don't feel it should be a mini-game, it's just an activity that can take as much time or as little time as needed. You can just go along join a village help fight and keep its borders safe.

When the NPC's of the village is caught or killed they can't respawn. Maybe have dungeons for the captive to go into and they don't get released until it's rest which is when there is only one village remaining. How you win against a village is by capturing or killing all the village NPC's - there needs to be 100 - 500 NPC per village - so it's a mighty battle, it's not going to be fast. It may take as long as a year or as short as a month or two, depending on how many players/clans join in and how long the battle for. The Villages can't win on there own, they need us, a clan or individuals to win against another village.
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