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Hey All,

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed that with the new RuneScape its been made far too easy?

I've broken it down into a couple of examples below (Personal Opinion).

1. (Toolkit) While I think the idea of toolkit is great I think its a bit too much with what can be carried, not to mention that right from the very start of a new char you have basically all skill tools.

( 3 slot Toolkit instead)

2. (Map Scale) It feels as if the map has gotten a lot smaller (e.g. and you can pretty much just run (i say only run because your run energy recharges so fast you basically have infinite run) anywhere making teleporting a useless mechanic.

(Increase Map size to make more space between towns larger wilderness)

3. (Enemy NPC) A lot of the Enemy NPC's don't even attack you. I've walked through dungeon of security and haven't been attacked at all. Running the wilderness I was able to explore the entire thing at combat lvl 3 and only be attacked by a lvl 3 rat only.

(Have aggression lvl increased)

4. (Facilities) Everything is now located in the one area (e.g. Lumby has Furnace/Anvil/Bank within 4 seconds of running, etc) I find this takes the sense of achievement out of leveling up skills and acquiring gear.

( Space things out a bit)

5. (Bank) There are now bank chests everywhere, I mean literally everywhere...

(Less Chests, or have chests individual bank that isn't linked to town banks)

6. (Money Making) GE has made it so easy to make money that you pretty much don't need to actually play the game (grind) to achieve lvl 120 in skills or acquire rare loot. Just buy resources and thanks to the overly convenient location of things you can reach those levels before you know it.

(Adjust amount earned on items sold)

I'm hoping that the RuneScape Dev team see this and address the issue as the new RS has great new things compared to the old but some things need adjusting otherwise what is the point?

Whats your opinion regarding this ?

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Have you tried playing OSRS? That version still has all of the grind.
Also, you can make an IM account and do it all yourself without trading on GE or with other players.

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Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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While I agree, I also know they will never take action, regarding these issues, as they have a seeming ban on making anything more difficult, once it has been made easier (other than in a few cases where bugs have made something easier - though even then, they often release something official, that has a similar effect, soon after).

In some ways, this is understandable, as you don't wish to have people with achievements, who obtained them in ways that are no-longer possible (nor do you want the resentment that causes) - but it shouldn't be followed to the extent it ruins the gameplay, for the sake of making things easier (nor should the resentment in the other direction be entirely dismissed).

The game has become almost entirely about levelling to a certain point, which is a shame, and reduces many enjoyable elements. It may be that they felt this was the only option, but it is unfortunate.

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