The Great Orb Project

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Beautiful content, impossible to play.

The Great Orb Project (GOP) had a cult following in the years prior to its death. I was among the few elite players tossed between leadership roles of ever-changing Friend's Chat clans; one of the most prominent and long lasting some of you might be familiar with: Gop Addict.

These were no doubt my favorite years spent playing Runescape, and it is heartbreaking to find that there are slim to no mentions of it anywhere in-game or on the forums. The ones that stuck with the mini-game for the ~4ish years it survived did not play it for the incredible runecrafting experience it offered (it is still the worst method xp/hour), or for the wealth that ensued as our tokens and runes piled over the millions. We played the mini-game because it was extremely competitive user input based content, and we were having fun doing it.

At the time (and still currently, in my opinion), there was no other content like it in the game. No other aspect of the game required you to know so much about the mechanics of Runescape and put all of the knowledge to use in one spot. GOP taught basic mechanics of the game, such as tick knowledge, angles, distance mechanics, IP priority, two-ticking to utilize quicker routes for orbs, dead-orbing (clicking an orb the instant it spawns to allow it to travel faster for a split moment; extremely hard to due unless low ping was present), and yes, even teamwork.

There were names feared to be seen on opposing teams. Countless friendships made. Rivalries. Competitions. Dedicated worlds. Record-Holders. Completely unstoppable units who knew every aspect of Runescape's mechanics to push their scores to the limit.

This is all wasting away.

But it doesn't have to!

Currently the mini-game requires four players (two on each team) to start the timer to open the initial portal. My request is but a simple one: Allow us to start the mini-game by ourselves.

28-Nov-2018 21:57:55

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Currently the mini-game is completely dead, making it impossible to start a game. You could go advertise that you're picking people up for a game, sure. What happens when the other team realizes they're going to lose? They quit. The game ends. Your search starts anew for willing participants.

Leading Gop Addict over the years, I was incredibly involved in the GOP community. Gop Addict offered a safe haven for new players to the activity where they could learn, or simply get the activity done (dailies, completionists, etc). The method of 50/50 was frowned upon (never against the rules), but I saw it as an opportunity to teach players who were curious how the game actually worked.

GOP has no tutorial, no instructions other than "Get your color orbs to the altar using the wands". A task much harder than it sounds for some, believe me; I've seen the best and the worst. This mini-game's learning curve is the highest in the game. No one walks in and knows what to do.

This leaves a sort of skill barrier between the people who want to keep the mini-game alive, and the people they're trying to bring in. It doesn't work. People don't like to lose, even if they're learning in the process. The game is extremely unrewarding and time consuming if you're not on the winning team. Making the mini game solo-able would eliminate ALL of these problems.

28-Nov-2018 21:58:11

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-No need for the frowned upon method of 50/50. People can just play on their own.
-Players can actively teach themselves how to play while still being rewarded, instead of trying to learn while the other team just annihilates their score.
-Content not going to waste. I mean it's literally just sitting there not doing anything. There is zero Con to this. I personally know many players who would return in a heartbeat if they could play their favorite mini-game unhindered.
-Offers a welcoming environment free of the stress of competition for newer players.
-Alternative and unique Runecrafting method.
-Offers rewards in the way they were originally intended to be obtained.

-Defeats the purpose of teamwork.
-Players might actively avoid competition and move worlds. (Could be considered a Pro as well).
-Not much.

28-Nov-2018 21:58:23

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Of course, there are even more ways to improve this sad situation other than just solo-queuing. The answer to all dead content: Better Rewards.

-Relevant rewards unique to the mini-game. (Titles, overrides, etc.)
-Consumables and degradable rewards that would encourage the player to return.
-Rewards based on performance, encouraging learning of mechanics. (This is already slightly integrated with the current way it rewards you with rune essence per altar based on your score. Perhaps something similar to this like noted essence at the end of the game based on overall score, or runes based on how much you scored on the respective altar, etc.).
-Achievement based rewards.
-Make some rewards based purely on performance instead of one team just outright winning. Keep the hefty token reward for the winner, but implement rune rewards based on personal altar scores.

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A  Cole
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You have my full support on this. You have outlined everything we've been campaigning for on these forums perfectly.

- No major rework required (i.e. no new graphics, new mechanics, new altars, new rewards, etc.). Yes, looking at the old base code again might take some time, but all we need is to be rewarded based on how many orbs we attract. Surely this isn't too complicated?

- Trial it out on GoP. If it works, try it on other "dead" mini-games. Mini-games have always been part of the life blood of RS, hence why so many have been released over the years. However, most are now "dead" because players cannot access them. Single-player modes will certainly help increase accessibility. You may even get some long-gone 'Scapers return to enjoy them.

- GoP could fit nicely with Jagex's current agenda. As things currently stand, it does not.
---> Low attention = Medium rewards (RuneSpan).
---> High attention = High rewards (Abyss).
---> High attention = Lowest rewards (GoP).
If Jagex were to do anything with GoP to spark some life back into it, they may as well update the shop to be in line with the RuneSpan shop. The imbalance for Master Robes must be fixed, and perhaps shift all other prices by the same factor.


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Sir Claydoh

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I support this. I am a returning player from 07 era, and was looking into playing the great orb project only to find out the content no longer exist. The minigame made rune-crafting a fun skill to level which I believe has to do with strong backbone content of runecrafting.

29-Nov-2018 16:14:55

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