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You used to be able to fill them with a preset? That would be heaven.

It seems you are either being intentionally dumb or avoiding the issue. I think spending 8 seconds per trip banking is pointless and frustrating, is not 'game content', rather, takes away my time from experiencing the actual content, and it's 8 seconds per trip.

If we use the 120k xp I was earning per soul rune production trip, that took 4 banking sessions each. 4 * 8 is 32 seconds for 120k xp, and the amount of experience between 90 and 99 is 7.3m. 7.3m / 120k = 60, so now we are at 32 * 60 or 32 minutes of time just spent in the bank. And we aren't talking about your nice, casual bank standing that everyone likes to spend hours doing, oh no. We are talking about frantically right clicking and filling essence pouches for a full half hour.

Regardless of just how much time is spent in the bank, I don't understand why any suggestion to reduce it would be met with resistance from other players. Are you literally a masochist?

edit: my mistake, you have 200m rc xp. You must be a sadist.

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Vexcel said:
Runecrafting is so fast as it currently is through the abyss and you don't have to empty your pouches anymore like you used to. I think they've already simplified it and sped it up enough.

If pouches are too much trouble then Runespan is available, but you give up making money so yeah..

So I get that my opinion might not represent the majority, but personally I would rather get less xp from crafting runes at the expense of having to spend less time in the bank. I don't need more xp/minute, I just want to spend less of my time banking.

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The real quesion Tenebri is not what I want. I said what I want. The question is, what are you trying to gain posting in here? You just come on threads like this to say you don't agree with an opinion.

As for the statement about whether or not they could code it, I honestly don't buy that it is not possible for one second. They are just not willing to put the time towards it. Which, fine, fair enough, there is only so much dev time, but not possible? Ha. Not buying that at all.

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Haven   Hell said:
Usually when devs say not possible it means too much time for too small a payoff.
Also I'd like to suggest one of my old ideas: give us only one pouch that is upgradeable and make it hold the appropriate amount of essence.
Example: small pouch = 3 essence
medium pouch = 8 essence (small + medium - 1 for the inventory slot saved)
large pouch = 16 (small + medium + large - 2 for the inventory slots saved)
giant pouch = 27 (small + medium + large + giant - 3 for the inventory slots saved)
This way you don't get extra runes, nor extra xp. You do however save bank space, time filling pouches and time repairing pouches (you have only 1 degrade variable instead of 4).
You can even fit the massive pouch with this idea.
Also the preset option would be ideal, but I'm waiting for them to announce they've restarted work on the bank rework to suggest that one.

I really like your solution. I would totally support that.

20-Dec-2018 22:50:56

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