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2.1 *~* How to Use the Friends Chat *~*

Using a friends chat (fc) can make your hunt a lot faster and more fun but it is up to all of us to make sure it runs well and efficiently. Here are some tips:

* Make sure you enter the name correctly. People have made clone accounts of some of our channels and you will get no help if you accidentally enter them.

* After entering our fc wait awhile and read the screen before asking a question. This will help you determine where to go first or which is being trapped.

* Once you ask a question make sure to keep reading the screen. It can be annoying for people who answer but you keep asking.

* We are constantly calling out the penguin locations so please don't ask 'update all penguins'. You can't spy them all at the same time, so take them one by one.

* When you spy a penguin, make sure to call out the location. Penguins move *a lot* so we need constant updates.

* Answer some questions in chat. People always need help on how to get somewhere or to know a Fairy Ring Code etc.

* If someone asks a question, be sure to include their name in the answer or part of their question. If you just reply 'yes' the screen might have moved and it could seem you are answering something else

* If you spied a penguin more than 5 minutes ago, or even longer and someone asks where it is, make sure to say it was 'last seen'. Otherwise it can lead to claims of false locations.

* Be patient. Sometimes not every question is answered immediately or every location said. Wait a few minutes before demanding a location and never use excessive punctuation or PLOX!?!? This will only ensure your question does not get answered.

* Be polite. You will get your questions answered faster if you are polite in how you ask. Answers will also be given faster to those who have been seen to be helping.

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2.2 *~* Hunting Tips *~*

Many of you may not know the ins and outs of what to do when you hear phrases like 'Please don't walk on trappers'. Or you may just want to know a few extra tips on how to be courteous when spying.

* Check to see if the trapped penguin is in a structure or behind fences and gates. If so, try to spy through the windows or over the fences and gates. This lessens the chance of escape.

* Some doors auto-open, but please, always take the time to shut them, just in case.

* If you find your character being pulled into the trappers/penguin, as soon as you finish the spy routine, get away from the trapping area as quickly as possible.

You should always spy and move away so the trappers can keep an eye on the penguin for others. Standing there in the way is inconsiderate to many.

* If you see you're about to run into trappers/penguins, then while your character is going through the spy animation, click on the square adjacent to the one you are standing on. This will hopefully keep you from running up and through the trapper.

* Try to remember to thank the trappers, it can make their day or bring them supplies for tougher areas.

* In some cases, we know it's next to impossible to avoid walking on trappers. If you do, then apologize to those trapping so at least they don't think you are trying to break the trap. Just acknowledging it can go a long way.

Patience and knowledge on your part allows many other players to also have the chance to spy it. So take the time to be courteous and considerate, and think of others, like you, who want an easy find.

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2.3 *~* Penguin Particulars *~*

Many of us have spent a lot of time with these penguins and have come to understand more of how they operate. We’ve dug into our penguin files and pulled out some basic and maybe little known facts to help you hunt them down.

1. There are 10 regular penguin spies each week with a possibility of 6 disguises (2 holiday ones).

2. Penguins do not show as yellow dots on your mini-map.

3. Penguins are not in the same place in every world. It is why we choose to hunt on only one world - World 60. After a reset penguins in every world begin to move and can go far.

4. Penguins are reset each Wednesday (GMT) just after midnight. Reset can be anytime up to an hour after midnight. This is Tuesday in North America.

5. Reset may or may not accompany a system update.

6. Larry/Chuck give clues that tell the current location of a penguin, not a general location of a certain penguin. If you are missing one, the clue they give you may not necessarily be the one you need.

7. There is only one respawn point for each penguin each week.

8. If a penguin is trapped for +/- 7 minutes in a spot with no possibility of movement, it will return to its respawn point.

9. The time it takes for a penguin to re-appear varies from instant up to a minute.

10. Penguins cannot climb stairs or ladders or enter dungeons or caves. They can go up ramps like at the Mage Arena.

11. When in motion penguins can move diagonally but when standing still they cannot.

12. Players, stationary scenery and NPC’s can block a penguin but implings and Familiars cannot.

13. If any of the above are blocking and another player enters the same spot, when either moves off then the penguin sees this as a vacant spot and can then move through this spot.

14. Penguins will move through you or an NPC if you are in motion.

15. You cannot 'follow' a penguin but if you use an item on a penguin while it is moving it can work as a follow option.

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2.4 *~* Helpful Hints *~*

1. Penguins are actually quite noisy. Turn the background music off, and leave the ambient sounds on. You can often hear them before seeing them.

2. Keep a list and mark them by disguise. It will make it easier for you to remember your 10 spies. Use the notes button on your tool bar.

3. Use a post in the thread for your notes. Posting yourself notes (where you found it and what disguise, etc.) and reediting that same post (please don't use the thread for multiple posts) may help you remember where you need to go still. Plus it helps others reading the thread.

4. Changing/Spinning the camera angle around and to eye level may help in many cases to keep track of the fast movers as they try to dart off.

5. Go to 'Graphics Options' and set 'Remove Roofs' to Always. If it is set to 'Always', you will not see the roofs of any buildings unless they are on a level below you.

Also hunting in standard default graphics instead of HD may help. Some disguises can blend in on HD.

6. If your chat screen is running too quickly to read try putting public chat on friends or even off for a little while.

7. Use your map! It can be a lot faster than repeatedly asking where a location is. It even has a search button!

8. Wondering if penguins have reset? Check your spy notebook, if they have it will say 'spotted'. Or look on your map for the circus. If it has moved then almost certainly the penguins have reset. As well use the Quick Chat option, it will automatically tell you the number you have spied, but not your points. Sometimes you may have to log out then in again to spy your first penguin.

Please do not come in our chats asking if its reset. This only clogs up the chat for others.

9. Be patient. Many helpers work alone and it is very difficult to hunt, track, chase and trap and report the location at the same time. So be patient and wait for the helper to give the locations.

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2.5 *~* Level 3 FAQs about Penguins *~*

- Can Level 3s access Sophanem?

Yes. Skillers can access Sophanem by purchasing a Pharoah Sceptre (3) on the Grand Exchange and teleporting to the first location on the list (Jalsavrah). You will need to recharge it when it runs out; use the sceptre on the Mummy for cost and to recharge.

- Can Level 3s access Canifis & Morytania?

Yes. You need to kill the level 48 Ghoul underneath the Priest of Peril church, located East of Varrock.

Please thoroughly review tips and guides online for the complete method to kill the ghoul before attempting it.

It is recommended that you unlock the Canifis lodestone before leaving the area.

- Can level 3s access Port Phasmatys?

Skillers cannot enter Port Phasmatys via the barriers to the city. After gaining access to Canifis, charter a ship by talking to a Trader Crewmember that is found on certain docks, (e.g. Catherby, Port Sarim).

- Can Level 3s access Dragontooth Island?

Yes. Dragontooth Island is accessible. You need to have access to Canifis and a Ghostspeak Amulet.

Start the Restless Ghost quest to get a Ghostspeak Amulet from Fathey Urhney. You do not need to complete the quest to gain access, only follow it until you receive the amulet. When you have the amulet, charter a ship (see above). Travel to Port Phasmatys, hop off the boat and run south, to a ghost with a boat who will take you to Dragontooth Island free of charge.

- Which penguin locations can Level 3s not access?

• Neitzinot
• Jatizso
• Dorgesh-Kaan (unless you made spheres when it was accessible)
* Elf lands
• Lunar Isle
• Miscellenia/Etceteria
• Mos Le'Harmless
• Ape Atoll

- Can Level 3s do the Cold War quest?

Yes they can. There was an update so you do not receive xp any more within the quest. As always though, do the research to minimize any risk.

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2.6 *~* Wildy Spying Tips *~*

If the penguin is being surrounded by Pk’ers a good idea for spying is to use another world to get to its W60 location.

For example:
- Make note of the location on W60
- Leave the peng chat if you are in one
- Hop to an empty world (even better choose a high level one if you can) and then go to the location
- Login to world 60
- Spy penguin
- Run!:P

NOTE: This does not guarantee spying safely, but it can make it safer or at least let you get to the area without great threat.

Please DO NOT take anything you're NOT willing to lose into the Wilderness.

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2.7 *~* Team Penguin *~*

We are an open-to-everyone team made up of a friendly group of people who are dedicated to a simple goal; we want to help players find penguins and have fun in a positive atmosphere.

You do not have to register or join in order to hunt, we are not like a traditional clan. By simply entering one of our chat channels or posting on the thread, you have become part of the Team. We do have ranked players and rules of the cc so as to maintain order. You can be as active or as quiet as you wish, but we can always use help in the cc or with the penguins.

There are 4 chat channels to help you. Our main channel is WORLD60PENGS and operates every day, 24/7. On busy days it can be full so try one of our overflow chats (listed in order of use):


We also have a dedicated chat for finding the ghost penguin. When found the ghost location will be called in all chats but if you want to help find it please go to our specific chat and take a spot.


These (and the tour chats) are the only chats supported by this thread for use in finding penguins.


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2.8 *~* Team Penguin Tours *~*

Ever wanted to ride around Runescape spying penguins? Now is your chance!

Tours are a great way to spy the all 10 penguins and the polar bear easily. The method is simple: All you have to do is to follow a tour guide who will lead you to the 10 penguins and the polar bear. Tours are free and take place almost everyday and no requirements, apart from a few items and quests for a few penguins, are needed to hop on the bus.

You can then go on and spy the penguins in the comfort and pleasure of the tours! Relax and have fun!

For schedules and times about the tour buses, or if you want to help the Team with the tours, please see our thread:

Team Penguin Tours inc (v3)
QFC: 75-76-273-63431333

or click here

Or join one of our friends' chat:

Hop on the Bus!

° ° ° ° ° (ö >
.-------- / / \ ---,
| ... ...... v_/_ . [] ..|
| ... ..... TOUR .. [] ..|'-,

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2.9 *~* Team Friends and Events *~*

Here are some threads that we use and support:

Penguin & Ghost Clues
QFC: 75-76-470-58336674
or click here

Author: Elipile
Content: Discussion of the clues given by Larry/Chuck.

Team Penguin Tours Inc (v3)
QFC: 75-76-273-63431333
or click here

Author: Canada_grrl
Content: description, sign-up and times of all penguin tours.

*~* Team Penguin Troopers ***

The polar bears have PB(J), penguins have KGP, so we need T.P.T (TEAM PENGUIN TROOPERS).

We have thousands of players who come through our chats each week, all of varying levels, skills and strengths. They often want to help and offer their services but not sure where to start.

This is all voluntary and whenever you can help out. Pick the area of your expertise and head in. Here are some common categories where help is always needed:

CHAPLAIN CHAPTER (bless graves)

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2.10 *~* Polar Points Scoreboard *~*

Did you use your points for xp? Then post it on the thread and I can add you to the Scoreboard. You can see what the popular skills are and also gives you some bragging rights.

Week of June 6 - 12

Magic Angel - 79,800 Farming xp

Thread v510
Week of May 30 - June 5

Canada_ Grrl - 179,760 Slayer xp
Elipile - 91000 Invention xp
Finja Tulip - 83 Divination

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