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FC has been closed
CC is still open
. See 3rd post for more information.

Friends Chat:

Clan Chat: (link)
Amount of players required to start a game: 4

Everyone is welcome, even if you're new to FoG. Anyone can start games.


Hey everyone!

As we know, Fist of Guthix is currently a minigame where it is extremely hard to find enough players to play.
Note the words "extremely hard" - it's not impossible. One of the problems with getting people to FoG nowadays is that a common response you encounter is, "No one plays that anymore", or "It's dead". The image of FoG most people form in their mind is a dead minigame that is only played during JMod/clan/afk-thaler events.

That's not true. FoG was played at least almost every weekend before the Ninja update, and now, even after a lot of the regulars have given up on FoG, the rest of us still play.
Yes, games do run.

Many are not aware of this. And, well, we can't really blame them - if a random person decides to suddenly check FoG - chances are, no one's there. And so, the image of a dead FoG is reinforced.

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Any help with spreading (no, not Nutella) the word would be great - like pointing someone our way if they're looking for games.

Bumping this thread is highly appreciated.

The FC/CC has players from different timezones, so if you pop into the FC/CC during an off-peak hour, you might find that there are only 2 people inside, for example. Don't be discouraged and leave the FC/CC immediately - if everyone pops in only when they want to play, this isn't going to work very well.
After all, remember, only 4 players are needed for games to run!


-All Jagex rules apply
-Any trolling, flaming or spamming will result in an immediate kick
-No boosting
If your opponent is wearing a teamcape and requests you to wear one, please do. This is not compulsory, but is highly encouraged (further details on why will be on the next post)

Ranking (FC)

Ranking is currently out-of-date because of the FC owner's inactivity, so don't disregard anyone just because they don't have a rank.

Recruit - has basic knowledge of FoG gameplay. Active in chat and helpful to new players.
Sergeant - above + moderate knowledge of FoG gameplay
Lieutenant - above + advanced knowledge of FoG gameplay
Captain - above + moderators of FC
General - admins of FC

Note: Don't ask for ranks. They are given out upon the admins' consideration, and/or recommendations by other ranks.


To all the Foggers who loved FoG, and others:

It's not dead
Games run primarily during the
late afternoon/evening
time (GMT=UTC=in-game clock), in
World 81
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Why Fist of Guthix?

-Completionist cape requirement (song unlock)
-Hybrid gloves (wins count in F2P too)
-Battle robes, best F2P mage power armour
-Other rewards like Herblore and Runecrafting gloves
-Fun safe PvP minigame!

Why a teamcape?

To allow players to left-click opponents (is more useful when in Legacy combat).
Since with or without teamcapes the higher combat-level will be able to left-click his opponent, wearing teamcapes makes the gameplay fairer and avoids any potential arguments or disagreements.
If you don’t have one, you can buy a teamcape from Larry at Clan Wars (right next to FoG) for 50 gp each.

*****************FC Closure*****************

FoG, like most minigames, has been dead for quite a while. Efforts made to improve it last year (the Ninja update) just made it worse. With most of the remaining regular Foggers having quit Fog, it is hard to run regular games.
As the CC still has some people that run games sometimes, it will be open for anyone looking for Fog games. Remember, you can
in CCs, you don't have to join the clan (of course you are welcome to :)).
Good luck!
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Yusou Bhoroi
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Yusou Bhoroi

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Profiled. Good idea to have a thread, I hope it works well! :)

(Will try to spend some time in chat now and then, but am already committed to do so in 4 Minigame chats - with one taking priority.. so it might not be that often, unfortunately. If there are any particular times that are likely to be more usefull, then please let me know!).

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Absolutely. Been playing fog since launch and would love for things to be more consistent. If you like pvp fog is a great mini game. And for all those people that want the best gear they can get in f2p the recently made f2p, battle robes are pretty awesome for magic. You are right shadow about the whole dead mini game aspect, people just assume and never look into it, either that or new players don't even know what it is lol

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Bumped. Profiled. Parked Trifial closer to the cave entrance for occasional help with the games.

I'll try to keep Trifial outside of games most of the time - sadly, none of my accounts are good for fast games - if I Fogged on this one, I'd resort to househugging more often than not (and I would get annoyed by the Defence "glitch" and the hunted hunting me in some games), while just chilling around on a low level account might be annoying to those who play faster games, since many players would be desperate enough to drag the games they play against a "newbie" to 5k charges.

I just wish Jagex would let me visit more than 1 friends chat, 3 would be ideal :p

Event hype!

Also, to report something about this chat's activity - a lot of FoG games happened already, I hope it will stay the same or get better, despite FoG's obvious problems that remained even after the Ninja Spotlight.

And congrats to both me (accidentally) and Shadow for ruining all my attempts to write bad stuff with yew fire in the FoG lobby. (No, "bad stuff" doesn't entail any unsafe words)

What a confusing post.
Play for fun!
FoG cc 'Loyals' - inactive (link)
GOP help fc (link)
F2P Dungeoneering fc 'L0lf2p'

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@ Yusou - No problem, I understand! (Currently the FC's low-time is around midnight till early morning GMT. I'm not sure what your timezone is, but if you could join the FC during that time, it'd be helpful, but if not, thanks anyways!)

@5quare - Anytime ;) If you need me to ruin your fire-art, I'll be right there!
(P.S. 5quarecrow>Trifial, just saying!)

Bump! Spotlight+event in 6 days!
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