Defenders Of Gielinor 2000+ T7

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1. Tim or timmy
2. I am 22 years old
3. Us east
4. I have facebook and discord
5. 2049
6. 135
7. I was a administrator for a clan for a year in Black Desert Online.
8. I would host training sessions and boost some lower level members. negotiate with other clans for node wars and such
10. Often
11.Im level headed and can see stuff between the lines.
12. Just be a arraxor slaying, maple tree cuttin, lobster cookin, wildy course bookin, fish frenzy hookin,, sexy looking kinda member

20-Aug-2018 01:33:02

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1. N/A
2. 24
3. Was in 72 clan for years
4. central time zone
5. Downloading discord atm, have facebook.
6. 2584 (2606)
7. 138
8. Yes
9. Have slain all the old bosses, new to the bosses added in the past 1-2 years
10. Coming back to RS after a long break and looking for a clan with a friendly/helpful community to partake in events with and just be a part of conversation in chat

19-Nov-2018 07:27:11

Deegan Kyatt
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Deegan Kyatt

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1. Do you go by any nicknames?
Deegan & Noxious

2. How old are you?
I am 25 years old.

3. Do you any prior clan experience?
Yes, Plenty, for past 3 Years Been a Deputy of 2 Friends Clans, Personally I have Discussed with them and they were previously aware of my Leaving as I am looking for a Community that would more Suit what I am looking for, I love to help, but they were more towards the PvP Aspects while I'm preferably not to much into PvP and Prefer PvM.
If you would like further Information about this I'm happy to provide Sources.

4. What is your time zone?
I am Canadian, but my Activity Hours do not apply with my Time Zone.

5. Do you have discord, facebook and/or twitter?
I have all 3 however; Discord and Twitter I am willing to Provide, Facebook will not.

6. What is your total level currently?
Maxed account; 2765 Virtual Level.

7. What is your combat level?

8. Are you willing to cap on the citadel?
I am willing, sometimes may need a reminder, since ive maxed been terrible with Skilling.

9. What kind of experience do you have bossing?
PvM is where I excel greatly, I am able do to 90% of Roles perfectly and majority of Bosses, I previously use to Run a Community that aimed to Teach and Provide Assistance with Reaper Task Assignments for various types of Players.
Presently Only Group Boss ive yet to perform a Kill or Role in is Solak, this will infact be done soon when I can assemble a Proper Team. Aside from that I am able to Perform all roles at basically any Boss Aside from Yakamaru, which I just haven't had the Clan to do so with, I am able to Learn easily.
(This Includes the long-forgotten Role of Heal-Voking in K.K i can perform)

10. Anything else you'd like to add?
I would be interested in Joining, however, I do come as a Package Deal with my Fiance, shes very friendly and loves to help, and she also is very Active, were Interested in meeting new friends :)


21-Mar-2019 08:01:42

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