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Preferred Name(s):Masked , MaskedBehind whichever really
Timezone: Est
Combat Level: 132
Total Level: 2254
Favourite Boss: Bandos
Favourite Skill: Slayer
Will you...
• Cap at our citadel: Yes it's free exp after all
• Bump our forum thread: occasionally
Please state which rule YOU think is most significant and why: No racism as one persons actions can tear a clan apart if continually done. Also no begging as people should learn the value of certain items and time put into earning such things

14-Mar-2019 18:18:33

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Hey, masked! Your application has been approved and we'd be honored to have you join us! Drop into the Clan Chat and ask for an invite or PM someone to meet you when you're ready. You will immediately have access to our citadel and you can come and cap at the citadel! Ask for an invite to our discord server as well while you're at it!.
Hope to be seeing you soon, your friend Gotmilk.
-Honestly Brutal-

16-Mar-2019 02:06:43

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