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Hello. I'm GDI Divine, and I'm here to start a new clan. First off i just wanna thank you for taking your time and reading this. Well im just starting a new clan and I'm in search of a clan that consist's of leadership and great generosity towards the clan. I DO NOT want people that are just gonna cause arguments and fuss in the clan either. This is a fun, and really healthy clan, and don't get me wrong if you need to vent by all means vent in the clan. But do not start any fuss with other clan members!

These are the Rules to the clan:

Rule #1 - Visit Citadel once a week.
Rule #2 - No Fussing.
Rule #3 - Have fun.

These next few things will be the requirement to becoming ranked up in the Clan. Please do take it seriously as i will be watching and hearing alot of things going on with the clan when I'm away.

Requirements for leveling in Clan:

#1 - Must have In-game name changed to "GDI" in front it it in order to be moved up to Bronze Star.

#2 - Must recruit 5+ members in order to go up 1 rank at a time.

#3 - Show up to 1 event each week for 1 whole month to get 1 rank up.

#4 - Make sure you Bump on the threads each week once everyweek for a whole month.

Final thing is answer these few questions:

#1 - What made you choose this clan?

#2 - what benfits could you do for the clan?

#3 - what kind of account are you? Skilling? Pker? Pure? Quester? PvMer?

#4 - Could you be a leader in the clan?

#5 - What is your highest skill?

#6 - Did a friend recommend you to the clan?

#7 - What do you wanna get out of the clan?

#8 - Where are you from? Time Zone?

#9 - Are you good with computers?

copy the questions and then reply and send them in on a bump.

Alright, thanks so much for your time and cooperation. I do appreciate your time and concern towards the clan, and i hope you HMU either ingame or my discord name is (501st#0360) My In-Game name is (GDI Divine)if i am not on one im on the other! We do need FOUNDERS!!!!!!

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