Looking for Team - EOC PK (F2P

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Since there isn't one I will be making one!

Hi, I am looking for people who are into pking.

Mainly this clan would be for (F2P & EOC) pking, but of course we could go to P2P or even Legacy worlds if majority of us will want.I am not much into P2P pking because new gear combined with EOC is just too OP/ hard for me, almost lost my nox few times.I know that RS3 is not much about Pking, but I also know there are people who like to have some fun pking.

Problem nowdays is that wildy is pretty much owned by few small Friend chats, this means you will always die eventually if you pk alone.

Here is the video I was pking last time with my friends:

So, If you want to do some pking with team join this discord:

Obviously 4 players who will help making clan will get Deputy Owner rank!

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