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Due to reformatting, this ASCII art no longer fits. This post remains under construction while I try to make/find a new one. Please continue on.

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Welcome! Thank you for visiting "The Guide to Guides." To those who have not been here before, I bid you a humble welcome and a great thanks for visiting. I hope that you read all of the information given, go out, and make an excellent guide for yourself!
Happy Guiding!


~I~¥ Table of Contents

1.1) .................Under Construction (sorry for the mess)
1.2) .................Introduction and Table of Contents
1.3) .................News
1.4) .................Wert’s Thread Checker
1.5) .................Compliments
1.6) .................Thinking of a Subject
1.7) .................Short and Sweet vs. Long and Thought-Out
1.8) .................What's my Title?
1.9) .................Getting Started
1.10) ...............Forming the Body
2.1 - 2.2) ........Information to Include
2.3) .................Finishing Up
2.4) .................Spell-Check It!
2.5 - 2.6) ........Visual Add-ons
2.7) ..................Last Thoughts
2.8 - 2.9) ........Player Submitted Advice
2.10) ................Excellent Example Guides
3.1 - 3.2) .........Threads We've Checked (And their respective ratings)
3.3) ..................Wert's Approved Guides [Wall of Fame]
3.4 - 3.5) .........Thread Checker Waiting List
3.6 - 3.10) .......Reserved


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~I~¥ News

Any news pertaining to the guide will be archived here.
Nov. 20th, 2015
• Thread reconstruction started Nov. 20th, 2015
• The Guide to Guides is announced to be a Hot Forum Topic!
• As many of you may have noticed, I have been gone for quite some time; however, I intend to be back for quite a while now. Feel free to stop by and say hi!
• Come check out and participate in LetUsHelp's Walk Around Runescape Event! QFC: 42-43-646-60757904. LetUsHelp's Corporation Thread QFC: 98-99-645-60413081. Please RSVP or Volunteer to help out!
• Check out the threads we've checked! (Page 3, post 1)
• The addition that the bullet point previous to this one is currently being constructed.
• An addition or reconstruction of the thread is currently being thought over. This would include the additon of a list of threads we have checked over the existence of The Guide to Guides and would list the title, QFC, rating, and general outline of the thread. Check back for more!
• Employee's first thread check (Dude CAPS).
• Activity Points will now be recorded for employees.
• First employee joined.
• Logo just arrived!
• First ever thread check completed!
• I am now recruiting people to help me file applications. See post below.
• The ASCII drawing will be in soon as it has been claimed to be made by Brendans(l)lvn.
• Guide finished at 12:43 AM.

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~I~¥ Wert’s Thread Checker Application

If you would like me to come to your thread and proof-read for grammatical errors or overall subject and content, I would be glad to do so! Just simply fill out the application below.

Note: You must be the thread owner/co-owner to post applications. Please only post your application once. Also, make sure to check out the waiting list to see if you’re on it instead of asking when your application will be filed. Lastly,
your thread MUST BE A GUIDE.

Original message details are unavailable.

* Name:
• Today’s Date:
• Title of thread to be checked:
• QFC:
• Are you the owner/co-owner?:
• Reason for filing this application:
• Will you advertise my Guide in your thread after completion?:
• How did you find my thread (through a friend, found on forums, refered, etc.)?:
• If referred, by whom?:
• Did you read the entirety of the Guide?:

Also, please report back to me ON THIS THREAD how helpful my work was to you. A scale 1-10, with 10 being the best possible help ever, would be satisfactory.

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~I~¥ Compliments

"Very nice guide, too; I'll have to use it.” --Kingchaos190

"Nice, I'm making a guide with your guide!" --Mitchell5345

"Wow, this is great. Lots of great advice. Professionally done. 5/5" --Legolas 5327

"I was slightly dubious when I saw this, I immediately thought it would be the kind of guide a couple of posts long with no real information. Well I was wrong. Fantastically written and very useful" --BiotheMonkey

"It's about time someone made a guide on how to properly form a guide! Brilliant! I'll make sure to refer to this next time I decide to make a guide. Excellent work." --Patty(w)ak23

"Ha ha, excellent guide. I'll Most definitely keep an eye on this thread. Good work!"--Deadsaw007

"Man, this really is one of the best and most useful guides out here!" and "But your 'Guide' deserves more than to be just profiled; it should be profiled... with a sticky logo next to it!" --Ziksy

"Truly great guide." --Chris93hall

"The name says it: It's the guide for guides, excellent work!" --Fire Corry

"This is the best guide I have ever seen!" --(X)_maX_JAD_X

"Very nice, It is interesting to see my guide on the list." --Quirk X

"Nice read." --12 Hunter1

"Awesome guide, I will profile it for future reference, thank-you for making it" --Crimson X23

"Fantastic guide. Very well written." and "Hey Wert. Did I ever tell you this is a great guide? Really well done" --Top*awg567

"Haha, wow. This guide is so... Ironic. I like it! It makes a lot of sense. I'll keep this all in mind when I make guides" --II-Odysea-II

"I liked your guide a lot. After I read your guide, I felt the need to make my own guide on my favorite skill (Construction)." --Defmaxhit

"Amazing guide! *********;-- 5 Stars!" --xSoccerNinja

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~I~¥ Thinking of a Subject

So, you've decided that you want to make a guide. Making a guide consists of including useful information based on either your knowledge or widely known knowledge compiled in one thread to assist the needs of players or to teach players something new. With this in mind, make sure that a guide is what you want to make. If you have a suggestion or if you need help with something, please don't clog up the threads of the Guides subforum. Find the best subforum for you in the Forums Listing.

It's a guide you want to make, you say. So, now you need to think of something that will help the Runescape players succeed in whatever it is they're doing. Let's say, for example, you want to help players make more money without being scammed. This is a widely known thread with many varieties out there. But, if you have something new to bring to the table, DON'T BE DISCOURAGED if you see a similar subject! The only way to see if your idea is original is to read through a couple of threads of the same or similar subject.

You've confirmed that your idea/method is original, and you want to bring it to the world. This is a good step in the right direction! Now all you have to do is brainstorm your idea, and how to present it to the readers. This is not simple, but, with a little practice and a bit of help from me, you should be well on your way to making the guide of your dreams!


Note: If you are looking for a guide to read, please do not make a thread asking for a guide. This is a waste of thread space, extremely annoying to other thread owners, and tremendously lazy of you. Please either scan the Guides subforum for a guide you might be interested in, or simply type your inquiry into the Search Threads box. Besides, you will turn up instant results this way, as opposed to the slower, tedious results of waiting for someone to find and post a great guide onto your thread for you.

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~I~¥ Short and Sweet vs. Long and Thought-Out

Another deciding factor in your guide is the length. A Short and Sweet guide would be, for example,
a one or two post tip or hint
on how to catch a particular fish and the best spot to do so. Most of these guides are created by the owner in hopes that readers will learn, go out, and do. Many readers will not respond to this type of guide, for it is simply a little snipit to read quickly and get back in the game. This does not mean your guide is failing though. Just keep bumping your guide, and it will be noticed.

The Long and Thought-Out guide is the more common guide these days. An example of this would be how to raise a certain skill to 99 in a matter of a couple weeks. The creator of the thread
will usually include mathematics and an overall scheme of what you will be doing
, where as the Short and Sweet guide will only just tell you what to do, not give you pointers on how to do it as well. This guide is a full time job though, as you will not want your hard work and dedication (not to mention your time!) to be eaten by the Thread Eating Monster on Page 51. You will probably want a friend or two to keep your thread alive by bumping the thread, or posting a response to keep it at the first page. Readers will usually respond to this guide because some feel the sheer obligation to do so, as the guide has taught them so much. This does not mean you need to include a supporter list, per se. It means that you will be receiving more comments and maybe more tips. Tips are always a good thing!

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~I~¥ What's my Title?

The title is the key to a great guide. The title is what draws in the readers to read your guide. This doesn't mean it has to be flashy and catchy! No, it simply means make a title that makes sense to what you are trying to convey. Although, to be honest, a little humor or play on words never hurt anybody...

Here's the deal; you will want to make a title that will grab the reader's attention without being too funny (yes, there is a limit) or too boring, but it has to make sense as well. For example, if you are writing a fishing guide from 1 to 99, you would probably not want to say My Smithing Guide. That would not make any sense. Also, you would be too boring to say My Fishing Guide. Sure, it gets the point across, but it bears no drive to read; it's a stagnant title. For this example, you would be best suited to go with a slightly funny title, such as Catch the Wave! 1-99 Fishing. It makes the reader laugh a bit, which makes them want to read your thread (possibly). But this is not always the case. In instances where you want your guide to be successful and to be taken seriously, you will want to make your title clear and precise. In this example, you would do well with We*ton's Guide to 99 Fishing. Clear and precise!

Honestly, it's up to you what you do with your title. What matters, though, is that people understand what your thread is about.

Another note about titles -

Taken from the Forum Specific Rules page:

-"...What is relevant is making sure that your title makes it clear to everyone that you've written an awesome guide. To that end, make sure that you put "Guide" in your title. It'll help us to make sure that no Scout or Cub threads invade this forum."

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~I~¥ Getting Started

You've decided on your subject, length, title, and you're ready to go now. Here's what you should do:

• Write in your title in the title box so you do not forget it.
• In your first post, put Thread under construction, please do not post. This will be explained later.
• In your first post, brainstorm (and type out!) some major ideas that you would want to hit. For a longer thread, these can be part of your table of contents to come.
• Think of a nice way to greet the reader. Thanking them for coming to your thread is an excellent option.
• If you would like to include an introduction or a forward, now is the time to type it out in your first post.

Once you have this list completed, click on the Add Message button. This should take you back to your thread.


Now, the explanation of the thread under construction: readers will have no idea of when you are done conveying an idea; they are not psychic! So, instead of moving on to your next (or first) idea, click Reply and simply type in the word Reserved in the box and hit Add Message. Now you have one more box for your purposes. Approximate how long your thread will be and repeat this until you think you have enough space to finish your thread.

The main idea of doing this is to keep readers from posting in the middle of your thread. This is very annoying, and if you deal with it right away, there is no possibility of a reader responding with "This doesn't make any sense, why don't you think about what you're writing??" before you are done writing about your subject. I know how this works; it has been done to me more than a couple times.

And shamefully, I will admit that I have done it to others, too.


Please note there is a thread in which you may ask to have any posts obscuring your reserves to be removed. QFC: NEED QFC

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~I~¥ Forming the Body

With your reserves out of the way, it is now time to go back and start writing your ultimate guide! Simply click on the word Edit in your next reserved post. From there, remove the word "Reserved" and start typing out your idea, preferably in the order that your table of contents goes. For skills guides, you'll want to start with Level 1 and work your way up in the posts.
Order and chronology do wonders for your thread.

When you think you are done editing your post and have conveyed all the thoughts you wanted to put in that post, simply click the Update Message button. Then, go back to your table of contents and brainstorming ideas to make sure you have actually included everything you wanted to. It's easy to lose yourself mid-post and start ranting about a different thing; I would know. I do it all the time, and I end up having to fix the mistake later on!

Do this with the rest of your thoughts/ideas. Do not think this is your final draft, though. It takes many times of editing to get a post that looks excellent and flows well. Reading easily is important to a guide; make sure your sentences flow and that your ideas transition from post to post easily, as well. If you would like me to check this for you, just revisit the third post and fill out the application.

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