Lord of Vampyrium boss fight

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Do any of you remember what combat lvl you were when completing the Lord of Vampyrium boss fight? I cannot complete it after dozens of attempts. I've watched youtube guides, I'm using blisterwood weapons and deflect melee, and potions and Oo'glog beforehand. Simply can't get it done. Even when avoiding Drakan's special attacks, I still take way too much damage too fast to complete the fight. My combat lvl is 125, with 89 att, 92 str, 89 def, 90 range, 88 magic and 91 prayer. Are my levels just too low? Any other suggestions? Much appreciated!

05-Feb-2019 21:27:27

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Sorry I can't really help - completed it with combat level 118, 84 attack, 85 str, 85 def, 84 range and 86 magic with 82 prayer. I used blisterwood pole, deflect melee. wore drakans and didnt really use pots or oo'glog. On EoC to. I just followed the Runescape Wiki guide. Took me a few attempts to get through the first few phases but then its pretty simple at the end. Just be prepped for the spec attacks and dodge quick? Sorry I cant help more!

06-Feb-2019 10:50:10

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I have just completed the boss fight after failing so many times in phase one (even though I'm 138 combat). :) A link on Reddit of two Jagex mods (on Runescape Youtube channel) talking about the quest development while one of them plays the quest inspired me to try again.

Definitely only use Deflect Melee (not Protect from Melee). According to the mods, Deflect also gives a slight melee bonus. Max your blisterwood (on vyre kills burnt) and use Revolution on your action bar so that you can focus on avoiding the bombs, keeping prayer on, eating and casting Freedom when stuck. (I kept my Freedom and prayer icon outside the queueing of Revolution on the action bar .)

Also, practice running towards and underneath Drakan when he's bombing the area (especially the final phase. In the other phases, start moving when he shouts "Ha! Ha! ...".) Moving the camera also helps because he has such a large click area.

Good luck.

02-Mar-2019 13:45:20

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