Cant Start Mahjarrat

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So i am going to do the fate of the gods quest and it suggests i need a engrammeter from the mahjarret quest.. I can not find this quest in the quest bit on my acc.. I have gone to fremik and tried to go down the ladders in the helmet shop by my char says no..

what am i doing wrong... has this quest been pulled? I have unlocked all eligability bits for the quest..

11-Feb-2019 17:33:09

Aethel Wolf
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Hello Delboy2028

Mahjarrat Memories is a miniquest. You will need to complete Blood Runs Deep quest, and then Koschei's Troubles miniquest, before you can start Mahjarrat Memories.

If you prefer not to go through these 2 quests, followed by over 5 hours of Divination, then you'd better be off doing Fate of the Gods without the engrammeter. Just bring extra food for the quest. :)

11-Feb-2019 17:41:28

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