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Hello, i am trying to do desert treasure for my dad, However when i come to the bosses they are not taking mage damadge.. I did the guy in canafis who would not take air damadge.. i am not on the ice guy and he wont take damadge by fire.. Yet the quest quide say these spells should work..

any one have any ideas?

28-Jan-2019 08:39:57

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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"Group" means the Grouping System, which is specially used to organise boss fights/minigames etc. It is not the same as clan/friends chat.

You should open up the Community window and look for Grouping System tab to check if you were in one.

30-Jan-2019 10:06:03

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Hi I have the watch and sextant but can't fine my chart. I finished the quest and have gone back to the professor to replace it. No luck. Any ideas on where to get it? I stood on the spot with the sextant and watch and have the right coordinates but no luck.

09-Feb-2019 13:38:29

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