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Every time I engage TokHaar-Hok it says in red in the chat window it says "
Someone's actions have disqualified you from completing the 'TokHaar-Mok' achievement.
" Yes, I am in the fight cauldron south east side of the city with the lava under the 9 grated floor squares. Yes, I am using obsidian equipment. I have Obsidian Helm, Obsidian Platebody, Obsidian Kiteshield, Obsidian Platelegs, Obsidian Gloves, Obsidian Boots, Obsidian Cape, Toktz-xil-ak stabbing weapon, and finally the Obsidian Mage Helm and Toktz-mej-tal staff so I can entangle him so he cannot heal. Also using the Tokkul-Zo and I have tried the event without the ring and still got the error message so I know the ring is obsidian and ok to use.

So what am I doing wrong? What is the deal?

10-Feb-2019 23:05:56

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