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SpaceNTime said:
Hi can i get help im an old player and i have an item in grand exchange which has old price and someone bought it out can i cancel this yrasaction seems like a bug hey?

There's no way to cancel completed GE transactions.

Brave Titan said:
Are there any estimates on how many trades it takes for an item price to update in the g.e.?

Good question. I don't have an official answer, but I'd estimate around 100 based on some third-age trading I did in May/June.
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Ok so I'm buying an item for 45m and it non instantly bought but I got 5m change back. This is because somebody left their offer selling for 40m but they didn't log in for 1 week? When they log back in it fills the sale to me but I get the change back instead of them getting the 45m price? Is that how that worked?

Edit: it must have been an inactive offer. I never knew it worked that way. I see someone in discontinued items bought an Easter egg for 90m lol... Seems unfair that somebody who left it up selling all that time gets their price, finally, but it's the wrong price now lol

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Absolutely outstanding guide!
Remove TH, and put stuff from TH to Solomon's store as guarantees. No disappointment to the average player who only uses free keys which yield trash, and those who do buy into MTX can have a clear idea what the thing they want is going to cost them.

16-Oct-2017 16:56:58

The Mike 001
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The Mike 001

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I'll vouch for this flipping method. I learned on my own, but I sure works well. I've been flipping for years, and short term. I have profited more then I care to say on this forum. I'll just say it's 10 figures. Good explanation of the market for sure. I've returned 81% in under 3 weeks, thats 316m profit from my starting coin.

Thanks for informing others too!
The Mike 001

04-May-2018 19:51:44

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Tested the Grand Exchange to see when offers go inactive. I left an offer in for vials at 2 gp each over 15 days and received 429,279 vials. Which is 7.15 days worth. When I logged into my account the offer did not reactivate. I could still buy vials in another slot for 2 gp each.

I figured I'd share. Those 15 days seemed like they took forever!
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