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There is something wrong with the store. I can only see 3 or 4 at the most of the items for sale. It won't let me scroll and it won't let me make that splash scene open any bigger. I wanted to scroll to see the new clothing you have, the animations to buy but can't, can only see 3 of them.
I hope one of you people who work there will fix it.
Thank you

06-Feb-2019 21:38:34

Quest Luke
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Quest Luke

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Hey Sky-Power,

I am not entirely sure if this will help you, but have you tried to use a different browser? Do you have any adblocking / script blocking software installed? These could slow down the process of loading the page.

I must say I have experienced the same issues as you are having, but after switching browsers it was working 'alright' for me. Solomon's Store seems a bit outdated in the sense that it doesn't always work correctly on modern browsers, but refreshing the page when it crashes can help to prevent the issue from time to time. I'm afraid there isn't more we can do till Jagex updates the shop.
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11-Feb-2019 00:14:03

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