Which Slayer Master to Use..?

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If you check the Slayer skill guide in-game, it will recommend you a Slayer Master related to your Combat Level. My discord RS3 Non-Toxic Helpful Community is currently looking for members and helpers! This discord is dedicated to helping players in Runescape 3, whether you are new or old. Feel free to join if you need help, or if you want to help. Replies are usually quick.

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From worst slayer master to best slayer master to use (with level and quest requirements):

Turael/Spria (Taverley)
-no requirements

Mazchna (Canifis)
-lv 20 combat

Vannaka (Edgeville Dungeon)
-lv 40 combat

Chaeldar (Zanaris)
-lv 75 combat
-quest lost city

Sumona (Pollnivneach)
lv 90 combat
lv 35 slayer
-quest smoking kills
(do this^ quest as early as possible as it will give you double slayer points)

Duradel (Shillo village)
-lv 100 combat
-lv 50 slayer
-quest shillo village

Kuradel (Ancient Cavern)
-lv 110 combat
-lv 75 slayer
-quest barbarian training

Morvran (prifddinas)
-lv 120 combat
-lv 85 slayer
-quest plague's end

gl with the grind :D

12-Feb-2019 12:45:29

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