Type your user with your feet.

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Hello and welcome too the "type your username with your feet and nose" i couldent put nose in the title coz i didnt have space. This is version 1 of this game and the rules must be followed.
Dont lie that you typed with your feet or nose coz i can tell you lied
dont disturb the threads game by chatting, spamming,
no swearing in this game
no talking about rude stuff
show respect too the players that have a attempt at this
follow all the jagex rules in this thread
dont advirtes other games in this thread
dont ask players to help you in the game
dont say "check out my thread".
do not copy other peoples usernames.
so basicaly the objective is too try and write your username with your feet or your nose which will be a fun thing too do.
You may now play the game.

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