Type your RS name with _____

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I give permission for 'Hey' and only Hey to re-create this thread, as this account and Hey are both MY accounts.


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******; This was once a sticky and I decided to recreate it when it was taken off the forums.

The concept of this game is quite simple;

Firstly, you type your name with a object / body part different to your fingers; the poster before you determines which object / body part to use.

A simple example could be Player A typing their name with their nose and asking the next player to type their name with their head; or so forth.

There aren't many rules to this game, just keep it simple, avoid spamming, obey all forum rules and don't post any inappropriate body parts.

I'll start.

Type your username with your wrist! :)

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That's easy for you to say...
Agile dran**tew
With your... heel. ;)
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