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As the title states, The AFKers are in need of a well-knowledged "pro" pvmer to help grow and lead a pvm-sector within our social clan, as we would enjoy learning and partaking in clan-run pvm trips.

We are looking for someone who knows all bosses/roles/tips to kill efficiently, and who has the patience to teach clannies said bosses and roles.

As this role essentially is in charge of PvM within the clan, and being a large aspect of the game, we are offering Overseer/Bronze-key rank, after completion of a 1-3 month trial to see how well you fit in as a leader.

Aside from leading the pvm sector, just as any lead/admin does and should, we expect help with capping weekly, help with clan recruiting, and general socializing within cc and discord.

If interested in this role, please PM: Ms aASHSteel, Truly Jeebus, When All Day, or myself. Alternatively, guest in our cc in reply to this post.

The AFKers

13-Aug-2019 23:49:08

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