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My small clan lost citadel several times, right now I am thinking to restore it again but i wanna know how many visits and full caps are needed to not loose it again at least? https://www.reddit.***/r/runescape/comments/a2uuzs

13-Jun-2019 20:38:19

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Thread moved to the Clan Central Forum for best results :)

For the clan I belong to, with a level 5 citadel, 1 person capping, with a clan avatar also gathering resources, is more than enough to meet our upkeep costs. All levels of citadels require a minimum of 5 members to visit (just enter the citadel, they don't have to cap) each week for upkeep.

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Hayamo said:
Oh, then not even worth trying, thanks

Hey Hayamo,

As Tren said all citadels need at least 5 visits that's the bare minimum just for upkeep (there's a separate visitor requirement for upgrades). In terms of the number of people who need to cap, in the citadel interface if you click the arrow (view job list interface) all the plots must say 100% which means all upkeep resources are met. All you have to do is add the number of resources required in total and then divide by the maximum number of resources you can collect at your citadel tier (for example tier 7 people can do 2700 resources a week) - If you need help feel free to pm me ingame as well.
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