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Start on bosses that don't have mechanics, such as the God Wars bosses - depending on your combat style, Graardor is a good start. His unique drops still hold value, and his bones mean at the least you'll get something to covery any costs you incur. Just make sure you bring a familiar to collect them, or notepapers.

Start with the easy bosses, to learn how to use abilities effectively. A mediocre Revolution rotation will not cut it any more - you'll get some distance with mechanicless bosses like Graardor, but you will need to change the way you play and choose abilities as you move up towards the more complicated/complex/difficult PvM.

The God Wars bosses hit hard, but are fairly forgiving if you're careful, so practice damage mitigation, balancing healing with damage, correct prayers, conservation of resources etc. You'll probably get a unique drop or few while you're at it. If God Wars is too hard, hell, do Barrows for a while.

Gear and weaponry is important - generally, aim to have a tier higher than the items the boss drops, though they are obviously designed to be doable with a tier below. Don't neglect the smithing armours, which are cheap but still decent. Start in Tank armour if you need to.

When you're happy with God Wars bosses, try using Power armour. Then moving on to another boss. Some of the Heart of Gielinor bosses are worth doing, but they have mechanics and are much more difficult. Queen Black Dragon is also doable, and introduces mechanics. Just go from there.

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