Email Scam?

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Sir Lewis
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Sir Lewis

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I got an email from this email saying that it wanted me to click the button below to support feedback on the game. Did anyone else get something like that too? I recently got an email not too long ago saying that I requested to change my password, when I didn't. Now after this email which I'm thinking it's not Jagex... It seems that my account is constantly trying to get into and it concerns me. I NEVER tell anyone my information... So if this truly isn't Jagex sending me this email, then SOMEONE has be selling my information out or something. If that would be the case, then it is really putting my account at risk.

13-Sep-2019 19:35:58

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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Hi Sir Lewis.

This afternoon, Jagex sent out emails with a link to a survey about customer support. They will also have sent a message to your Runescape account message centre inbox with a matching code.

Looking at the return address on an email is not a good way to check the authenticity of an email. The from address on an email is easy to fake.

There is advice on recognising phishing emails and websites here:
Phishing websites and suspicious emails
Is this a Jagex email? [Info]
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13-Sep-2019 19:57:31

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