Bug when smithing bane?

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Didnt see a bug section for regular rs3 (not mobile) so im posting here. These 2 gifs (EDIT: well hyperlinks are broken, clicking it didnt open imgur so heres the link. ) show the issue im encountering, for some reason it will randomly swap between 50 seconds for 28 bars and 67 seconds for 28. Some people suggested it was because im lv 86 and at that lv you unlock smithing bane bars 25% faster. If that was the case then i would always be smithing them in 50 seconds instead of seemingly just rolling invisible dice and seeing if this inventory will take 67 seconds or 50 seconds. I thought it was because of the injector buff, but i have it in both of those gifs. All i have on is most of a sapphire golem outfit, 2 blacksmith set pieces, charming imp, god cape, saradomin's hiss and explorers ring. None of that should be affecting smelting/smithing except the bsmith outfit pieces, which just give more exp. So, why is the time random? Id that 25% faster smithing unlock just a random chance to smith it 25% faster? Is there some other weird smith buff that someone is applying to themselves that also affects others around them or something? As far as i can tell this shouldnt happen ever, it should either always be 67 secs or always be 50 secs, assuming nothing changes (my smith lv, my gear, etc.).

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