My account is about 10 years o

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31-May-2019 18:01:22

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Mahan05 said:
Does Jagex actually have that bad account recovery systems?

Kinda. Your account's creation date isn't enough alone to recover the account, but if a hacker can get enough information like that from you, they're able to recover your account without delay, even if you have an authenticator.
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31-May-2019 18:29:25

Skod River
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Skod River

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I would really edit that part out which tell what date and year you created your account , since that is one of the key pieces they need to get past the first check on a recovery.

But happy 10 year bday as a RS player :)
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01-Jun-2019 07:50:05

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Mahan05 said:
Nearly my* RuneScape accounts 10th year anniversary.
And to celebrate that I am now posting my first ever forum thread.

Here is the backstory of the account

Sometime 10 years ago* is when my brother created this account for me.
And that is pretty much it

Its been an incredible 10 years since then and I recently got back into RuneScape after the OSRS mobile release, don't know how long until I get bored of this game again but it has kept me entertained with all the frequent updates so il be staying for a while.

So happy anniversary to my account and goodbye!

* Edited out the date the account was made.
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