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I am sorry that I can not be more eloquent in this posting.

I wish that You would re up his contract.
He has always been a hard working Mod. He has been here for the players. We love him an what he does.
How are some of us that are not as good in combat in this game to be able to do the things he helps us with.
He will be greatly missed.
You let go a great person an a very hard worker. He has done great things for this game. Made it easier for loads of players to get better an more enjoyment from this game.
Reconsider Please!!!

25-Aug-2019 20:31:16

Amp x
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Amp x

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I do not know the reason for not renewing Lee's contract but I feel that Jagex is making a huge mistake.

Lee was hired by Jagex for the simple reason that he was a very popular streamer and had lots of followers and was proficient with his streams the way he manages the players in his stream and answers all the questions is epic.

I watched his Sunday 25th stream halfway thru he had 3.2k ppl watching his stream. He is the most polite, well organized, and professional Mod I have seen from Jagex.

Jagex you have done a huge dis service to the RS community as a whole by not renewing Mod Lee's contract and all of us will suffer for the simple reason that he aids in informing all of us of things like patch notes and changes we might not easily find out about.

I think that the CEO and other high ups should be put on the naughty list and only get a lump of coal in there Christmas stalking this year. Bad Move Jagex ... Very Bad!!!!

25-Aug-2019 21:17:09

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That goodbye was so hard to watch... like damn, Jagex, you guys are making record-breaking profits and you're just firing your staff randomly instead of investing back? It's so sad.
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25-Aug-2019 21:28:00

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Lee was active in encouraging players to keep on playing which equals more income for Jagex. He showed them how to boss and helped with everything runescape related. He was the most polite and inclusive mod there is! Jagex will certainly see a fall in player numbers due to their very bad decision.

25-Aug-2019 21:40:56

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I will say it was tear jerking moment when he tried to say good bye on the Mod Lee
last boss mass.

I watched him most sundays and went back and watched many of his masses when
i was trying to learn a new boss.

Who will do the things he does? the Sunday boss mass? the You tube Patch notes?
The HLF access. And I am sure he does lots of things we dont know.

He is one of the mods that shows such love and passion for Runescape it is a
sad thing to see him go.

Jagex is really loosing a passionate employee.

Ohh lol just a thought, its probably something idiotic like he works in a different
country and we no longer want to do that. Or some other thing similiar.
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25-Aug-2019 22:08:30

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I really believe that this is 1 of the biggest mistakes that Jagex has ever done.

They really do not know just what Lee has done for this game. He was the only real help the common player had. Jagex you only fluff up the game by just adding to the game, an never explain stuff so the common player can get what to do.

I will say right now you almost totally ruined the game for me. As now I will not have any dependable help in this game.

I have played this game since 2000, an pay your salaries. I am shamed of you at the headquarters.

25-Aug-2019 23:42:47

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