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you get removed off hiscores when you arent a member for a certain amount of time.

so being 200m youll go up and down in ranks depending when people come back or not

and yes banned

ZeeZee said:
That used to be the case but looking into it I don't think it is anymore. I just checked a few of my old friends who don't play anymore and they are still in the high scores, so disregard what I said about F2P, haha. I guess that means those 4 ranks ahead of you were banned.

i use to be rank 425 in cooking, im now 314. i highly doubt 1/4(ish) of the people below 400 rank cooking were banned. more likely now ftp and off hiscores.

those people only need to log in once on ftp and they will be back on hiscores for i think its 6 months
200m all on 7/3/19
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