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Sorry for getting you excited for a few seconds. There are no real Runescape cheat codes here.

Here comes my confession. Whenever I play an offline game, I always search for its cheat codes on the Internet. If you could make cheat codes for Runescape, what cheat codes would you create?

I'd definitely make the "666" cheat code that enables all NPCS to become aggressive and start to attack each other and my character.

Money cheat is also a Must!
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12-Jun-2019 06:11:10

Kings Abbot

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Moving around stuff, like placing the cursed energy crater at the GE where pvp is not allowed, or moving Varrock Palace in Lumbridge Swamp or stuff like that.
Or change the characteristics of npc's, like making the city guards level 1000 so they can at least protect their city, or make Telos level 2 so you can KO it with your fist.
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12-Jun-2019 11:43:01

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I'd make the code "trulyoptional", which would automatically unlock all of the content behind MTX paywalls to the account without paying a single extra dime on top of the membership fee. :P
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12-Jun-2019 14:37:24

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I'd like a "phase" code which would grant you the ability to pass through walls and be untouchable by any attack. However it would also cause you to drop any equipped main/off hand item. Never uses treasure hunter keys. Never buys runepass, runecoins or bonds. Never pays extra for 'Premier' status. Never will.

12-Jun-2019 14:47:31

Lil Aingeal
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Lil Aingeal

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:createteam strange I know but I am not a multiplayer / team player and in some areas having npcs to run with, would be helpful

of course it would have to be restricted to areas / dungeons that are better run with a team of players, excluding the wilderness......

of course I would want a cheat that is restrictive with rewards as well, as I would like the chance to complete for good rewards but not a cheat that would see me gain all a teams rewards as a solo player using a team cheat....
Ideally the cheat would create 2 NPC mirror images of my character based on the main skills I am not using, IE If I am melee, I get ranged and mage NPCs that use my ranged and mage skills....
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12-Jun-2019 16:03:51

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