Whats wrong with the wiki?

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EviláMeg said:
Why is the Wiki looking bad, having a lot of empty pages and RWT ads?
To give a bit more detail, the wikis moved off the Fandom site to a dedicated server at the end of last year.

Unfortunately, because of the Fandom T&Cs (and because Fandom locked out the wiki mods) it was not possible to take down the old wiki there. It has since got out of date, and been vandalised by trolls and phishers.

The new wikis are here:
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Jagex might own some of the content on there such as imagery and some of the text, but I'm willing to bet 90% of the wiki is actually owned by the original creators (which is then licensed under the creative commons which is how the new wiki manages to "steal" though really 'fork' is more apt, the original).

As such, I'd expect if Jagex tried, Wikia would just contest it until the point it's not worth doing. The current solution is to just let the new wiki replace the old one in google/everyones bookmarks until such time the old wiki is effectively dead.

In anycase, Wikia is an american company and the American concept of fair use is actually fairly strong, and I wouldn't like the precident Jagex would be trying to set if they were to attempt to destroy the Wikia through that legal arguement, so I'd personally not want to encourage it. Pandora's box and all.

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EviláMeg said:
Didn't know that, but if I google RuneScape Wiki fandom is at top still?

yep you just dont click it

or use

" /wiki *insert search here* " in rs client and it will take you to rs wiki page

like that^

fandom one is still a website. and gets traffic so yes it will still show up
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Using the in-game /wiki feature is amazing. If you're wanting to use Google, you can also prefix your search parameters, like so: varrock

That will filter the results only from the site. The Fandom site, while still there, is unsupported and unmaintained (as mentioned already).

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