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Wackie Yaki
Jun Member 2019

Wackie Yaki

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I play Runescape mostly during its quiet time (when people are sleeping) and I'm aiming for 120 dungeoneering. However there is never people to group with and sinkholes are also silent.

So is there anything I can do different to get a good experience rate?


25-Jun-2019 19:43:20

Asahel Frost
Dec Member 2007

Asahel Frost

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Hi Wackie Yaki.

Use the sinkhole world (134) and you'll find loads of people at any time of the day (Runescape is played world-wide).
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25-Jun-2019 19:55:14

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Sinkholes run at every 30 minutes past the hour. You don't need to find a group. It is autogroup because there are too many players.

As Asahel Frost said, go to the designated Sinkhole World to get your awesome DG rewards.

25-Jun-2019 20:09:27

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First of all. You can buy floors!

FC: DG Service (trusted and good prices)

This can be costly however, 99-120 is 2.5b+ gp.

Clans are a good way to get friends to DG! If you need one check out the clan recruitment forums. Alternatively, I run a clan (check my signature)

Failing this. World 77 DG is the DG world. You also have free leeching servicies liek FC: Free Leech, however these are slow alternatives.
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25-Jun-2019 22:31:55

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I achieved 120 DG entirely from solo dungeons and sinkholes. I'm not saying it's the most enjoyable method of training the skill, but it's entirely possible. Never uses treasure hunter keys. Never buys runepass, runecoins or bonds. Never pays extra for 'Premier' status. Never will.

26-Jun-2019 05:08:00

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