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The GP Thief
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The GP Thief

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Yes, My name is GP Thief ... I have been getting called a scammer lately .. which I am not ... simply ... I steal GP the honest way .. by killing you scrubs ... now leave me be Keep.YourHeart.EvenWhen.EverythingAroundYou.HasFaded.IntoTheDark.

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No one would know you had this 'problem' if you had not announced it.
Like the character name, attention seeking - thread of no value.

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Today's lesson: actions have consequences.

You chose your character name, now you have to live with the consequences of it.

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Not much to say here but you are posting about your name and to be fair it does look good. You made it worse by announcing it to the world though.

Locking it as it's not going anywhere fast.

Good luck in game. Remember to make better use of your Ignore list. You might need it more now then ever before. :P
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