Will I get banned?

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So I'm wondering if I can/will get banned for keybinding a scroll wheel on my Razer Tartarus V2. I've rebound the scroll up to "z" and scroll down to "x" so i can 1-tick hunter with ease but I'm not sure if doing that will get me banned? It's 1:1 so 1 scroll click is 1 press.
PLEASE HELP! I don't want to be banned over a misunderstanding on the game rules.

EDIT: One of my main worries is that when i spam the scroll it will try and click several times seeing as the scroll would be a few clicks. aka "zzzzzxxxxxx" <--

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If you're worried about it, don't do it. End of problem.

(Seriously - any answers you get from players will be no better informed than your own opinion/guesswork, because Jagex never discuss how their detection systems work. For the same reason, you won't get a Staff response either.)

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