Expoits with 'reaper' + Solak

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I have some sympathy for this, and it is the same for all group PvM content (Raids, anyone), but on the other hand, to engage in this sort of high tier PvM effectively, you need to be maxxed out and using all the top tier gear, switches, perks etc.

Aside from the enormous cost in time and resource to even get to that point in the endgame, at a boss like Solak where you cannot easily escape out of the encounter, an inexperienced player can cause an attempt to fail (or directly kill team members), which is likely to have a death cost somewhere in the region of 1M, and maybe a bit more accounting for lost familiars, aura time wasted, supplies etc. Less, if you're using a Ring of Death, but as this isn't the optimal choice for damage in the encounter, it's not fair to assume that.

Thus, you can just as easily make an argument that permitting learners to come with means accepting a significant element of risk, with a financial cost associated with it. That being the case, why shouldn't these top tier PvMers be compensated and rewarded for such?

I actually empathise with you, as I've been in the same boat for a lot of high-end PvM (despite being a maxxed and relatively elite player). I just think it's the nature of the beast.

If it's any consolation, in the grand scheme of things, the Reaper Crew stat bonuses aren't significant enough to have a major impact in general lower level PvM or slayer mobs. But I agree it is a nice to have, and something that frustrated me to no end until I was lucky enough to find a group of people willing to suffer me to come along with them for Solak.

As an extension, there's nothing stopping you banding with friends to have a go, at no cost. This is what I did the first time, in a Solak duo to get a feel for the encounter. You seem to be objecting mostly to experienced players being hesitant to boss with inexperienced players, but that seems quite right, to me, as well.

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