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Greetings, My husband and I purchased two One-year memberships, and here's what happened: Three days after the purchase my computer died. It took three months to replace it. I've lost those months on my subscription. Currently, our home is being remodeled and I am once again away from my computer and my account. More time lost. I'm not asking for a refund, but would love a "Pause" button " for not only the above-mentioned occurrences but also vacation time. I enjoy buying a year subscription, but I
live on a fixed income and cannot afford to lose the money. Thank you for your attention.

28-Aug-2019 07:33:53

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I don't think a membership "pause" button could ever be added in a practical way; if a system like that were implemented it would unfortunately be abused. It's one of those instances where one person (or a few) would ruin it for everyone else. Also at the end of the day Jagex is a business and a system like this would likely cause a significant decrease in revenue. They would have to try and make that up somewhere, either through increased membership prices, micro-transactions, or something else. Either way, I don't think it would be in anyone's best interest.

I definitely understand your predicament though; money is hard to come by and so it's an awful feeling when you end up spending money on something you aren't even able to use. One thing you could do in the future is instead of buying a full year of membership is to buy bonds in bulk (you get a discounted price when you buy multiple) and just redeem them one at a time. Each bond redeems 14 days of membership so that may be a better solution for your particular situation. I know it doesn't help this time around since the money has already been spent, but hopefully that can help you in the future.

As far as trying to fix your current predicament though, you can always try contacting customer support and explain the situation to them. It's possible they'll be willing to work with you to help find a solution. I obviously can't say for sure, but it might be worth a shot. :)

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