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Hello people of RuneScape.
Not sure where to write this post, so straight to the point. I recently found my very first clan I created on the game - nothing special. But it has a creation date of 2011, so I wanted to switch to that clan to do my recruiting and such.
The clan name I wanted, is my current clan - which I set my alt as owner. So, since you cannot have duplicate names, I was going to change that clan name in order for that name to be available again. When I go to do so, nothing happens. I talk to the dude at the Clan Camp, and he says I cannot change afterwards for 28 days, etc etc. So I type a name, at first it was an actual name. But nothing happens, no message that it is taken, no message to verify. Nothing. It just sits there. I spam clicked enter, and clicked the save button, but it does not work. I changed leaders, tried with different account, nothing. Anyone know if this is a glitch, or am I doing something wrong?
On main account, in that old clan I found. I am able to change clan name, it shows if the name is taken, and asks to confirm to change. If anyone has any solutions, they will be greatly appreciated.
- Bogi, your friendly noob.

04-Sep-2019 06:27:14

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