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Im Rubic said:
• I think the Raffle should only be seen in a members-only world. It's too cluttered in F2P and it isn't for them.

hiding from ftp is rather silly business move. having it in ftp shows what is available for members.

Im Rubic said:
• Make the Events tab contain info about the event (the chance and what to do).

as its not out yet this may already be case

Im Rubic said:
• Add some sort of way to find Gilly Willikers easily as an individual.

but isnt that point? its a hunt to find him? and it is already easy iirc

Im Rubic said:
• Remove the Bond feature, it gives an unfair advantage over those who don't use it.

i personally dont use it. but if people want the advantage and are willing to pay for it. whats the problem?
i choose not to thats on me. but how is bond system an advantage? i think i missed something

Im Rubic said:
• Provide the drop chance for each specific outfit type.

that depends on how many tickets are entered. and there is no point anyway?
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