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From today's update news:

"One of the big problems with Stone Spirits is that there is already a surplus of ores on the market, so they aren't worth bringing along. Mainly, this is because
Mining in its current state is far less intensive than Smithing..

When I saw this part, I said that's what I noticed in the smithing "improvement" . I now fly through mining and collecting ores and crawl in making items. It looks like some balance is coming.

The following changes are intended to make Smithing more AFK-able:

You're now able to have multiple unfinished items at once.

I went to smith and looked for a make-x slider I could adjust. All I figured out was I could right click and open smithing interface to add another project. I could do this 10 times if I wanted. I felt the quality of my life increasing with each repetition to add a project.

Once you finish an item, you start working on another unfinished item straight away.

The new project did start right after the current completed. I did have to re-heat to keep progress at a good pace, I normally reheat at 50% and it take a few seconds to add a new project when I hear the clik'ng stop. Not much QOL.

The progress per swing from no, low and medium heat has been increased.

Now this is what I'm taking about. Balance! I see balance! I would feel the force in balance! I normally use the 1hr artifact 10% to smith to eek out some extra XP. I can make 11 eldar rune platebodies in tht hour before the i too much.

So after my hour was up. I looked at my platebody count and it was 11. Same as it ever was.

Now.. I may not be using the new multiple projects addition right or not activated some feature to see the increased progress speed.

Any info on what others have experienced would be great. Please post your observations so far. Thank you.

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I kicked off a new Ironman today in lieu of coming back to the game. I laid in the punishing Ultimate Ironman rules from OSRS, AKA, no banking. I've had a handful of hiccups, but one QOL decrease from this update.

Tool prices skyrocketed since I've been gone. I'm unsure as to when this happened, but a bronze pickaxe sits around 1,6k at an NPC shop. It's not even updated on any wiki, so I assume it came from this update.

Something like that is usually pretty ignorable, just grind a little more. This is where the QOL chunk comes in. For some reason, trying to add a higher tier tool than I can currently use now claims I need the proper mining level to use it. In the past you could buy a Rune Pickaxe at level 1 mining and it would change tiers as you level.

This appears to no longer be the case, and I am in a decent amount of pain having this 16k Rune Pick sitting in my inventory.

Besides that, the multiple projects is absolutely fantastic. Queueing up short tasks like bronze arrowheads is a pain, but for the longer run tasks it definitely does its work.

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