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I'm sorry but I couldn't resist this:

Draco Burnz said:
KijinSeija said:

I get u all support my idea at heart due to much interest and love

How you came to this conclusion ill never know.

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10-Jun-2019 12:55:49

Lego Miester

Lego Miester

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It's difficult because on one hand I'm really glad we actually have feedback on a lot of things so I can actually keep track of things like my scrimshaw being up, the CD on those vampire blood things, etc. HUGE boon in PvE.

But you're absolutely right the interface is cluttered as hell as a result and I can barely see anything. You are 100% right to compare it to WoW.

The wiki feature doesn't add clutter though.
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11-Jun-2019 17:53:57

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I do not agree if you have a problem with the interface use legacy mode. Less clutter, as pointed out to you in this thread several times. The wiki link is handy for me, I do not think that all players know absolutely everything in the game. Personally I find it useful for quick look ups for information. Much easier than having to split my monitor in half to enable the information to be read.

13-Jun-2019 05:09:17

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