Big Game Hunter 2 hard not fun

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I am having a big problem trying to even get it once!!! Its that hard it ain't even fun!! to be honest I'm going to stop playing for the day as big game hunter is just too awfully hard and not even fun. I need it for the third totem piece and I must say it ain't even fun playing this game.

Always get caught in 2 seconds even when watching the dinosaur!!! this is way too hard!!

Big Game Hunter is alright, but the difficulty out weights it by a lot and I think this should barely get a 1/10 because of difficulty. Mostly the circle turns red way too fast.

Edit: Tried again and again and again..... Gets worse each time. Taking a break until this gets fixed or the time it takes to get caught increased, even just a little bit. This is way too hard for the average player. Might be different for mods or creators that play it more often so are "better" at it.

Edit...Again: Wow even worse, everything done in round 1 and then caught in 2 seconds at the end and gotta start all over.. Dont even get enough time to move..

P.S. Cant even kill the dinosaur once! Its that hard (the easiest dinosaur), that I cant even do it once.

And forcing players to this 50-200 times at least for the third totem piece is ridiculous and aint even fun.

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Lego Miester said:
apparently it's possible with double surge + bladed dive + mobile perk. I only have the latter two so I guess my maxed character is still screwed until I fork over a load of cash or train a ton of agility.

When they depicted a skilling boss style thing I was thinking Wintertodt. This is just bleh.

Yeah I have all that. Spent days getting double surge too. Doesn't even matter as so many obstacles are in the way and by the time you get in the circle you dont have time to double surge. Its good if you start before the circle.

But the circle moves faster than you might think, its like I cant even get "to the tree" to cut a log and the circle is there.

Its just too hard, way harder then it should or has to be. I honestly dont see why it cant be a "little" easier. Like the circle not turn red as fast would make a huge difference. Give players at least 1 more second to get away.

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I struggled with that a lot at first on this character, and also complained in game; but eventually I did get the hang of it (albeit slow because I don't have any of the above mentioned save for normal surge and escape which are on the same cool down).

Keep an eye out on the patterns. Since you can now lose without penalty to the hourly hunting cap, deliberately fail or gather resources for patterns that are irregular. When you do find an easy pattern like a basic circular walk, then build, arm and bait the traps.
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It has a fairly steep learning curve, but it's definetely doable - I doubt there are too many players who have not failed a couple of times before scoring their first kill. If the dino gets close to you, don't run with him - he moves as fast as you so you just can't outrun him (sounds for me like you're trying this). Also you do not need to build and arm traps in one go - if the dino gets close, run towards him and as soon as he passed continue the trap.

Even if you just have a simple surge - keep it for an emergency. If you have more than that - always keep at least one charge for this. There is an achievement for killing a dino without using movement abilities at all.

Otherwise - focus on the hunter's lodge: It makes your life easier, especially tier 2 makes it so much more forgiving (that are your 2.4 more seconds to be caught). If you still can't beat the dinos at all hunt something else on the island until you got 50 marks to buy faster trap building - that's actually the first thing you should get anyway if you somehow plan doing BGH for a longer time.

There are also items, which can make your life easier: Sentinel outfits (albeit it's highly ironic, that a woodcutting set is best in slot for a hunter activity), woodcutting auras, ring of whispers, perfect woodcutting juju potions and the dwarven chainaxe for instance. Everything not needed, but it makes you faster and in consequence reduces your chances to fail.

Yeah well - and the rest is learning. And not to play too aggressively for as long as you do not know what you're doing.
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You should read this guide on RS Wiki (there's a section on Avoiding Detection):

It also doesn't hurt to look up Youtube videos of other players doing BGH, as you can pick up strategies that way.

The main points are:
• Don't be greedy or impatient. Most movement patterns are predictable, so it is worth observing how the dinosaur is moving while cutting logs/vines, or fletching logs while in tall grass.
• Tail the dinosaur near the pressure plate, and only move to build spears after the dinosaur has passed the scorpion you intend to build and load the spears.
• If you're stuck in the detection radius in front of the dinosaur, do not run in the same direction as the dinosaur is travelling, as you will get caught. Surge/bladed dive in the opposite direction, but make sure you have used Anticipation ability to avoid getting stunned or Freedom to get out of the stun.
• If you hear the dinosaur roar, that means it will do a 180 degrees turn, so start moving away so you can safely tail the dinosaur in the opposite direction. If the dinosaur stops but there's no roar (this is for only Tier 2/3 dinosaurs though), then you should move away and look around for the Jadinkos that will spawn somewhere in the arena.

Honestly, you can only get better by practicing, not through complaining and requesting content to be made even easier than it already is. I mean, there were players who did 26 BGH kills in an hour (i.e. ~2.3 mins taken per kill) during the recent Clan Cup. It just requires practice and proper research on the best strategies to consistently get fast BGH kills.
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Bgh is awful unless you not only have mobile+double surge+ blade dive, but also the hunter mark trap speed upgrade and at least T2 hunter lodge for those extra 2.something seconds to get caught

But after you have all that, it's actually really fun and kinda rewarding (especially for an iron man)

And those requirements shouldn't be an issue, this is a MMORPG, its entire concept is having to grind out shit to upgrade your character to be able to do stuff.

If you want a game you can just jump right in to and be able to do every activity without a pre grind, your quite simply playing the wrong game

02-Sep-2019 12:22:50

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I managed to do it a couple of times but only when the dinosaur circles back and forth, when its random movements it actually impossible.

I even got to the last part of the last round, arming the final trap. and Still could not get away from the red (even with double surge).

Its too hard, especially when the dinosaur don't move in a circle pattern back and forth (like when its random most of the time). I timed it too, I couldn't stand no where that the dinosaur wouldnt be back within 5-10 seconds, and it took me that to move to it.

02-Sep-2019 13:00:37

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This is a bit too hard. I have had every quest done since 2009 and maxed skills. I have done almost everything in Runescape and I think this is too hard. At least when the dinosaur randomly moves around, which is most of the time.

It would be different if it were hard for tier 2 and tier 3. But even tier 1 is impossible most of the time. Got to luck in to it only circling back and forth and not random.

02-Sep-2019 13:03:19

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How to do it:
First Kill:

Gather 9 logs

Fletch 5 Spears

Get 1 poisoned spear from each colour (you should have left 2 unpoisoned)

Gather 3 Vines

Build Ballistas and Center Platform

Load Ballists

Lure Center Platform

(IMPORTANT) Watch for colour of hitsplat that does 30k damage

Poison your 2 spears based on colour that did 30k damage

Rebuild Center Platform

Load remaining 2 ballistas (one got destroyed, don't rebuild it)

Lure Center Platform (You will be asked if you are sure, beware it can cost your life)

The rest of kills within the session:

Gather 7 logs

Fletch 3 spears

Poison spears with the colour from first kill

Gather 3 vines

Build Ballistas and Center Platform

Load Ballistas

Lure Center Platform
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