Araxyte Breeding Log- Bug

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With the introduction of Farm Hands, Araxyte Spiders are no longer ticked off players' their log. It hasn't been mentioned in any patch notes as a fix, so it's safe to assume that this is a bug, and that it needs to be fixed.

If it's a bug, it's affecting everyone with an unfinished log - and people will likely participate due to the new Old Mc-Title. You're required to breed an Araxyte spider, which is fairly easy to do. I've personally yet to see
version of the Araxyte breed. AFAIK, the Araxyte IS the Shiny; and therefore this needs fixing.

Please look into this and/or provide us with a status update. If this was an intentional fix, please mention this to prevent further speculation amongst your members.
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This is not a bug. Ever since Player Owned Farms came out, it's possible to obtain an Araxyte Spider offspring if one or both parents are Araxyte Spiders with the "Good Breeding" trait.

However, the breeding log only ticks off if you obtain the Shiny variant which is an Araxyte Spider with the "Shiny!" in the tooltip. It's not meant to be easy, as you can also obtain a shiny spider, without the parents being Araxyte spiders themselves.
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If it isn't a bug, it's strange the normal Araxyte spider doesn't have a separate entry in the breeding log? All other types are listed in the breeding log except the normal Araxyte spider - but people are supposed to work out it's the shiny type only they need. At the very least it's bad design. All the truth in the world is held in stories

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