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You better see this before your tea goes missing. <3

You have been one of the most to interact with the threads I have been posting lately and it's amazing because I see they mean something. You're protecting them vt==by removing something, or standing up for others and I truly honestly can't think of the words to simply express what it means to me, as you are such a wonderful community member, forum mod, also tea lover, which really, I will still it, so I hope you continue to interact the way you do because any time I see you commenting on the thread, I get a warm lightful sense and it cheers me up a little bit. Hope this has made a moment which ever that may be for you. Again thank you and hope to keep seeing the positive impact you have been making on the forums. I got you Tufftty. :)
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, Blitzing*

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, just committed.

22-Dec-2018 04:45:54

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Happy that your happy.

I'm 1 part of a big team and were all out to help Jagex and the Community and help keep the forums a nice happy safe place for everyone to enjoy.

Hope you have a great time on the forums and feel safe using them.

Thank you for the compliment. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy reading them.;)

I'm having a cup of tea now and enjoying it.

I hope you carry on enjoying the forums for many years to come. :D

Cheers, Tuffty.
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22-Dec-2018 09:42:09

CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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Thank you Blitzing for those kind words to Tuffty, they are well deserved. :)

Me and CM Nick have been super happy so far to work with the Forum Moderators and they sometimes can use some recognition too, so thank you for doing this again.

22-Dec-2018 13:46:25

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