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Staking on world 54 Duel Arena is unreal and there are no consequences, you can bot for 25 minutes, and get permanently banned. You can scam for 10 hours every day for a year without punishment. Nobody is afraid to scam and something should be done. I feel like very harsh consequences should be handed out like perm ban on the scamming account, and a 50% xp reduction on that mac/Ip address. Make people afraid to do it. Why not try to introduce a system that you must select a very specific kind of stake and both people have to select that same stake just to be able to get to the next screen? It would be simple, and a huge fix to combat scammers. Sorry if this isn't allowed, but I feel like something should be done

08-Sep-2019 15:57:19

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i agree something should be done about scammers. but the amount of anti scam mechanics involved in making a stake now. theres only so much jagex can do.

and reason why bots get banned quicker than scammers is its easier to spot.

one way i can think of is a stake option made by jagex and people just use that, or can use the manual one now for other kind of stakes etc. but the one to use be the one made by jagex which can be no armour 1 weapon and a specific style (melee range mage)
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