Equipment gaps & redundancy

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While I was browsing the upcoming changes from the weapon diversity beta, I got pretty excited to see some of the planned effects. But it got me thinking about a few equipment gaps that exist in the current game, and how they might be effectively filled.

Obviously for any melee weapon that isn't currently available for tier 60-90 after the mining and smithing re-work... just add them. That means we'd have daggers, claws, swords, scimitars, maces, battleaxes, hastas, spears, mauls... you name it, all the way up to elder rune +5. Super simple solution, though the art team will have a bit of work to do.

In this regard, I think woodcutting and runecrafting could get in on the action for some new tiers of staves and wands, along with an update/small re-work to fletching, to more closely resemble the smithing tiers. Crafting is mostly fine as it is, but if any gaps must be filled with magic and ranged armor, that seems like the obvious place to do it (but please involve runecrafting somehow!)

Then we come to melee armor. We still currently have medium helms, full helms, chainbodies and platebodies in the game. But functionally, they're completely identical... so how about we change that? Platebodies and full helms seem to be the ideal choice for survival, so continue making them the primary tank armor.

Chainbodies and med helms probably shouldn't become power armor though, since that would devalue quite a few power armor options in the game, which are supposed to be more difficult to acquire.

So what do we do with them? Well... I see a few options.
1. They become hybrid armor. This provides a crafted source of hybrid gear that didn't exist.
2. They are phased out of the game and converted to full helms & platebodies. (undesirable)
3. They become part of dual-style armor sets. (spellblade, skirmisher, arcane archer, etc.)
4. This should probably be applied no matter what, but their weight should be much lower than the alternatives.

That's all I have for now. Thanks!

12-Jul-2019 06:04:24

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