Legacy Invention Perks

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I suggest adding a line of new perks that only function in legacy combat mode to make it competitive.
(w) or (a) after name= weapon or armor gizmo
(x/y/z/a/b) in the description= perk rank 1-5
Perks with a timed cooldown apply a debuff for their cooldown duration similar to crackling which persists even if they are unequipped.

Cleaving(weapon): Deals auto attack damage to all creatures around you every (5/4/3) attacks and has a 25% chance to apply Quake's defence reduction. Req your weapon to be a melee 2h. Substitute for hurricane/cleave/quake.

Bouncing(w): Every (6/5/4) attacks, your next auto attack chains to (1/2/3) additional targets if you are using magic or ranged. Substitute for Chain/Ricochet.

Resonating(a): When equipping a shield, the next attack that hits you heals you for a percent of the damage it would do based on the shield's tier once every (35/32/30/28/25) seconds. Substitute for resonance/preparation.

Barricading(a): When equipping a shield, changes your special attack to Barricade, which requires 100% special attack, does exactly the same thing as the ability, and can only be used once every 60 seconds. Substitute for Barricade.

Wrathful(w/a): Increases your minimum and maximum damage by your slayer level against current slayer targets. Substitute for Tuska's Wrath.

Stunning(w): When a weapon with this perk is equipped it stuns the target enemy for (1/2/3) seconds and binds them for 5-10 seconds depending on the tier of your weapon. This perk then goes on cooldown for 15 seconds. Substitute for stunning/binding abilities.

Classical(w/a): Increases all damage dealt by 4/5/6%. Substitute for revolution++ generally doing more damage anyways unless the bar was made by monkeys and the fact that this takes a perk slot to fix.

Don't take the numbers as exact, this is just a concept, not a perfectly balanced addition to the game. Doing that and figuring out materials needed is up to jagex.
Feel free to suggest anything else to add if you want.

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